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‘Consider Counselling’

How do you react to those two words?

With  interest, dread, dismissal, fear, denial, curiosity, maybe a combination of all of these.

Life experiences, bereavement, divorce, birth, relationships, addiction, trauma, illness, abuse, inadequate or neglectful parenting, all are part of our  lives, it’s what being human means.

The human mind is fascinating, brilliant at burying psychological pain. deep in our unconscious mind, often the body pays the price, in the form of exhaustion, addiction, unexplained illness, skin conditions, stress and a myriad of other physical symptoms.

It is at times of stress, when we are struggling to cope with life’s challenges that underlying issues surface, when we are already feeling vulnerable, making it harder to cope with life’s challenges.

We consult our preferred practitioner for our physical needs whether this be conventional or complimentary, but it often takes us longer to ‘Consider Counselling’.

I don’t profess to be the expert in your life, that person is YOU! I practice as a person centred counsellor, sometimes called client led. I offer an empathic,

non –judgemental, mutually respectful relationship, where you can explore your issues at your pace, or simply talk about whatever you feel moved to share. I offer an initial assessment interview where you can meet me and decide if this type of counselling suits you.

I look forward to meeting you, for an initial session without obligation.

Please contact me for details on  07889 136615

(please leave a message if you reach the message centre) alternatively


‘Take One Step Further, Consider Counselling!’